Cap Ternay Completes the Bi-annual science report, Mahe, Seychelles

GVI Seychelles – November Achievements

Throughout the last six months the staff and volunteers at Cap Ternay have been collecting data on 12 coral reef sites across the North West coastline of Mahe.

GVI Seychelles works in partnership with three core projects to look at the health and diversity of coral reefs in the Seychelles waters. Over the last 6 months we have worked closely with the Seychelles National Parks Authority to assess the effectiveness of the marine parks, Seychelles Fishing Authority to research the density and diversity of commercial fish stocks and Marine Conservation Society Seychelles to understand feeding habits of Whale Sharks and collect information on other megafauna seen within the marine parks.

During the last six months the volunteers have been trained in identification of both fish and coral species and taught methodologies on how to accurately collect the data needed. The coral surveys completed have focused on understanding and identifying recruitment and growth rates of hard coral genera, while the volunteers trained in fish surveys have been looking at the abundance of reef fish and the abundance and bio-mass of commercially important fish species.

Cap Ternay’s Science Co-ordinator Lee Cassidy believes “it has been a hugely successful past six months with a large amount of important and interesting data collected, having such a long running and continuous data set means the information we have gathered is incredibly valuable”.

In 1998 a severe coral bleaching event occurred which effected many coral reefs around the world, including the inner granitic islands of the Seychelles. In 2004 GVI began monitoring the recovery of these coral reefs . The surveys we have completed are aimed towards assessing the health and recovery of the coral reefs and allow us to make comparisons with coral reefs around the globe.

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