GVI’s Internship Scholarship

We are offering YOU an Internship Scholarship worth 500 GBP!

Improve your employability with GVI!

A Level results are in and thousands of students are one step closer to their dream careers! But what if things didn’t go as planned? What if your space is deferred through clearing? What if committing to three or more years of education right away doesn’t feel right?

Don’t fear! It might just be the start of a life changing adventure with GVI!

What do you need to know about GVI’s Internship Scholarship:

  • Receive £500 off the internship’s program fee
  • Claim 1 of only 50 scholarships available
  • Choose any available start date
  • Book (pay your deposit) by the end of October, or before all scholarships run out! Hurry!
  • This scholarship is only available on GVI Internships
* GVI’s internships start at £1500 plus flights for 6 weeks.

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