GVI and Matunda Bora Primary School Work Together to Harvest Much Needed Rain Water for the Children of the School.

GVI Shimoni – September Achievements

The construction project moved to Shimoni this month and with the help of a donation from Nikki Hodges (an ex member of staff) we started work on the harvesting of water at Matunda Bora.  The aim of the project is to Increase availability of water per head for drinking and to reduce health issues associated with limited access to water.

Matunda Bora has approximately 200 pupils ranging from Kindergarten to Standard 8.  The headmaster Mr Opiyo has been very supportive and has even joined in with the fun!  All four buildings did not have any gutters or ways of harvesting water and the toilets were without any washing facilities.  The school was also paying for water every day out of their budget which was causing a strain.

Work began on putting the gutters up, three 1,000 litre and two 460 litre tanks are currently being installed.  The roofs proved to be challenging as they had very uneven joists.  With some clever carpentry from Shafii (fundi) and the gang the gutters are now fully functional.  Wash hand basins will be erected outside the two toilets providing much needed washing facilities.

By the end of September we have achieved the following:

  • 40 X 3m gutters installed
  • 3 X 1,000 ltr water tanks installed
  • 2 X 460 ltr water tanks installed
  • 2 X Wash hand basins installed

The team have been amazing with their hard work and dedication.  The weather has also been incredibly hot so it has been challenging with lots of early starts.  I think the spiced potatoes provided by the school every morning might have helped the day!  It has been so rewarding also to see the smiles on the faces of the children every day and to get to know them better, they make the day just perfect.

This is one step towards achieving our goals to improving the communities’ health and sanitation facilities.  For more information or to join the project you can see our website or follow the story on our blogs.

“The work you are doing for us small school is like a gift from God, we thank you all at GVI for working with us all these years” Mr Opiyo (Head master)