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Case Studies

Project Partner

“These research projects are filling prioritised gaps in our knowledge base and are of great value to the bio-region as a whole.”

– Varky George, Chairman, Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Reserve, South Africa”

Corporate Initiatives

“Whole Foods Market conducted a thorough review of volunteering organisations before deciding to partner with Global Vision International on our team member volunteer program. GVI stood out as an ethical organisation committed to promoting sustainable development through environmental research, conservation and education. We are looking forward to developing our joint vision of a sustainable world.”

– John Mackey, Chairman and CEO, Whole Foods Market

Youth Programs

“I found the GVI staff to be responsible, thoughtful, and understanding of teenagers and their needs/interests.  They are patient and very willing teachers who set the stage for self-discovery and inquiry, out of which true knowledge grow.”

“I have organised international experiences for teens with a number of different organisations over my 30+ years in education. I feel that GVI has provided my students – and me and the other adults – with truly unique and transformative experiences.”

– Anne T. Weston, Ph.D.  Provost, Heathwood Hall School


“I never really considered going to Thailand. I was supposed to go to Italy, but instead I got the trip of a lifetime that I will never forget. I quickly realized that this was a trip that I had been dreaming about since I was a child.”

– André Gide

Study Abroad

“I had an experience that I will never forget and also a new direction in life. When I left university I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and so came to do something I had an interest in. By the time I left I knew that I wanted to work in conservation and the environment in some capacity. But I had also developed as a person. I became more sure of myself, leading surveys and taking training built up my people skills and my confidence. However, most of all I have memories that will last forever and also have met so many amazing people.”

– Richard Phillips


“I cannot begin to identify or quantify what I learned from this experience and I will probably not recognize the changes in myself until months or even years to come but I will attempt to list a few major aspects. I learned a ton about Thailand and Thai culture. I learned that I could make a good leader. I learned about being more tolerant to other’s needs, this includes those who lived on base with me and of the great Ao Luk community. I made some life-long friendships with people I may never have met had I not been on a GVI Expedition. Lastly, I love Thailand so much that I have decided to stay and now work as the Teaching Children Coordinator for GVI Thailand!”

– Emma Reinhalter

Volunteering Programs

“My time with GVI was fantastic. I had originally planned to do the conservation project for 2 months, but towards the end of this time I wasn’t ready to leave. I asked to extend for another month, and was delighted when the staff informed me that I could stay! When I first arrived I wasn’t able to dive, the instructor at our base took me from complete novice to an advanced open water diver in 5 days! During the first few weeks we would go out diving at least 3 times a day learning what we would be surveying and the surveying methods. We progressed onto surveying the fish, corals and benthic species as well as teaching the new volunteers that came to base what to look out for. Helping to set up marine protected areas and to see how much this meant to the Fijians that we were working with has really inspired me to go back. The staff on base were amazing and welcoming, if you had any problems they would instantly try and help you out. Making friends with them, the other volunteers and the Fijians from the local community and nearby resort will be something I will remember forever. I hope to return at some point and do the Dive Master Internship, which a number of my friends are doing at the moment.”

– Alex Steene


“The Thailand elephant project was one of the best travel experiences of my life. The scenery was stunning in this tiny village so secluded in the mountains. Most of the trip I felt like I was in a dream. As a zoology major working with elephants up close and also observing from afar was a dream come true. No other project I know of lets you get as close to the elephants as GVI. Over the period of my stay I got to know each elephant and their mahouts personally and was able to observe their personalities. Not only were the elephants amazing, the people were so spectacularly nice. They made me feel a part of their village and welcomed me with open arms. From cooking classes, to weaving classes and trying to make bamboo cups I really did feel like I was learning their life. Also, the volunteers I worked with were great. I made friends from my own country, America, but also friends from England and Australia. Everyone had completely different backgrounds but we all had one thing in common. We all loved the elephants and knew we were part of something amazing. I regret only one thing, which was I wished I had stayed longer. I still find myself pining for the mountains and the long hike through the rainforest.”

– Emily LaFontaine