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Our Approach

GVI is a non-political, non-religious organisation, which has been operating in the third sector to fill critical voids in the fields of environmental research, conservation, education and community development. GVI provides support and services to international charities, non-profits and governmental agencies, through the supply of funding, capacity building, resources and knowledge and equipment. Our funding comes from donors, fundraisers, paying volunteers, interns, corporate donations, NGOs and governmental and international funding bodies.

All of our projects are undertaken under the direction of our local partners, who have a record of success in their field locally but lack sufficient resources. We supply funds, equipment, personnel and knowledge to help meet their aims and recruit long term, experienced staff, interns and volunteers to work on behalf of and under the direction of our local partners and communities. We commit all project ownership and all work undertaken to their direction.

International partners include numerous grass roots organisations as well as world renowned and respected organisations, such as the Save the Children, PADI, WWF, South African National Parks Board, ReefBase, Project AWARE Foundation, Rainforest Concern and Kenyan Wildlife Service.