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Our History

GVI has been operating around the world since 1998. It was started by Richard Walton after he volunteered with a UK based volunteer and youth development group and, despite having a great time and developing personally, he was disillusioned with the relevance of the volunteer work he was asked to contribute towards. He started GVI in 1997 will little intention of creating the global movement we see today, but with a one off plan to go and do something useful for marine conservation under the direction of a local NGO.

Today, GVI operates over 250 initiatives around the world, contributing towards long term, sustainable solutions to key global issues faced locally by our partner organisations and communities. We have secured and spent over 15,000,000 GBP on our projects around the world and our global and international field staff team have enjoyed the assistance of more than 15,000 international volunteers. More importantly, our projects have directly influenced the lives of over 50,000 local communities members around the world, and continue to do so on a daily basis.

Many of our alumni, from our staff, volunteers, interns, local partners, local community members, donors and fundraisers have felt empowered and enthused to go on to continue working upon and spreading awareness of key global issues since coming into contact with GVI. So the impact and scope of our work continues to grow exponentially.